The Softwaire Centre team offers a complete set of services.  Our goal is to complement your staff with whatever list of services you require.  We are looking for long term relationships that will keep your business supported the way you expect and at a cost that you can afford.  We will customize a plan for you and provide the expertise to fulfill that plan.  Our experience and track record is worthy of your trust.

Our hardware repair service will come to your place of business to complete the repair work or you can schedule a time convenient for you to bring the equipment to our shop.  We can also initiate a courier service to pick up your computer or printer and arrange a return after the repair work is complete.

When the problem is a software issue and we can access your computer via the internet, we have available a remote service option which often times will be less costly and faster to resolve your problem.

Our managed services offer a variety of choices.  The preventative maintenance program, our most comprehensive plan, includes a quarterly on-site visit from one of our experienced technicians who will complete software updates, system diagnostics, review of the system logs and perform a hard drive cleanup.  We also offer remote monitoring of servers and/or workstation computers that not only keep them updated but also alert us to when there is a problem with the computer.

Our data backup/recovery service options include daily off-site data storage, hourly server backup and on-site backup (to your server) of workstations.  We also will develop a disaster/recovery plan that includes server virtualization and use of our site for temporary use in the event of a disaster.